June 2, 2017

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How did Oakhurst get its name?

By Libby Willis; originally published in the June 2017 edition of the Oak Leaflet...

How did Oakhurst get its name? We may never know for sure, but from what we DO know about the development of the neighborhood, we can come up with a reasonable answer. The fun comes in learning about other places and people also named Oakhurst.

The first thing to know is that the word “hurst” (from Old English) means “wooded hill.” "Oakhurst” means a wooded hill with oak trees. The Saxon word “hurst” is often used in southern England as part of other place names such as “Amhurst” (or “Amherst”) or “Ravenhurst.” The use of “hurst” in a place name may go back to ancient times although the use of it in a street name is modern.

The most famous place named “Oakhurst” in the United States is the nation’s oldest existing golf course (nine holes) built in 1884 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

The course was patterned after the original golf course in Scotland and no modern golf clubs may be used on the course. It is set in rolling hills where sheep graze and they are as likely as not to roam across your path while you are playing the game. Most who play at the historic Oakhurst wear knickers and sweaters to fully capture the feel of the original game. Recently, plans have been announced to maintain the historic “Oakhurst Links” but also to develop a brand new Oakhurst course designed by golf greats Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino and Gary Player. It’s the first time all four of the golf legends have designed a course together.

There are at least 8 states with one city named Oakhurst including one in Texas. California has two such cities. Probably the most well-known of these is Oakhurst, California, established in the 1850’s to supply gold miners. Formerly known as “Fresno Flats,” Oakhurst, California is in grizzly bear country in the Sierra Nevada Mountains,. In fact, the town is “famous” for its permanent “talking bear” on the town square. The town is 14 miles from the south entrance to Yosemite National Park.

In Australia, there is an Oakhurst in Queensland and one in New South Wales, a suburb of Sydney. In Britain, there is a town called “Oakhurst” in Kent.

Oakhurst is also the name of a streetcar suburb in Atlanta established by the Georgia Legislature in 1910. It was annexed into the City of Atlanta in 1914-1916 and more residential development followed, including in 1924, the same year as our own Oakhurst. It’s a historic neighborhood which remains quite active.

In 1869, American writer Bret Harte wrote his short story, “The Outcasts of Poker Flat”. His protagonist was a gambler named John Oakhurst. He was a calm soul throughout the story, even after he and others had been cast out of a California town into the nearby mountains. One of their group took their horses leaving them stranded and likely to die in the cold and snow. In 1919, the story was made into a film directed by John Ford. Harry Carey played the role of Oakhurst. The film has been lost, but the characters remain in memory although it is unlikely that Fort Worth’s Oakhurst Neighborhood was named for John Oakhurst.

There is also no connection between the Texas city of Hurst in northeast Tarrant County and Oakhurst. Hurst was named for William Letchworth Hurst after he agreed in 1903 to let the Rock Island Railroad lay track on his land to connect Fort Worth and Dallas; he asked that a depot be built and given his name.

So why IS our neighborhood named Oakhurst? It’s probably because of some very simple things: it was not unusual to name an area wooded with oak trees “Oakhurst.” It had certainly been done before by those in Georgia and California and those places might have even been familiar to Oakhurst developer John P. King. Or perhaps he had heard about the Oakhurst Links and Country Club in West Virginia. That course had been around for at least 40 years by the time King developed his own Oakhurst Country Club during the 1930s. Maybe King knew about the various towns and cities in England named “Ravenhurst” or “Oakhurst.” Perhaps King thought “Oakhurst” sounded good as the name of a new residential addition. We know that King named his subsequent addition on the West Side of Fort Worth “Monticello” in 1928. Obviously, he knew that was the name of Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia home. He must have liked the idea of drawing connections between a famous president, his well-known home, and a new residential development. It’s not inconceivable that King did the same thing with the name “Oakhurst.” He may have seen it as a prestigious sounding name that would attract lookers and buyers in the new neighborhood. It didn’t hurt that the name just happened to be appropriate for the trees and topography of our part of Fort Worth.

June 1, 2017

June Oak Leaflet Online Now!

Check out this month's issue of The Oak Leaflet online!  This month's newsletter reminds of us of proper etiquette for displaying the American flag, considers the question of how Oakhurst came to be so-named, and includes an ONA 2017-'18 survey for all of our neighbors to provide feedback!

Also featured are Elizabeth's President's Column, Fred's monthly patrol report, Fran's Yard of the Month, pictures from the Easter event, and more!

As always, you may visit our Newsletter Archive to view or download past issues.


Click here or on the image below for summer safety tips and other useful info from our Fort Worth Police Department!

May 31, 2017

Notice: Northside/Yucca Extended Closure

A message from North Tarrant Infrastructure:

"We just wanted to let you know that North Tarrant Infrastructure will be closing all lanes of eastbound and westbound Northside Dr./Yucca Ave. at I-35W beginning on Sunday, June 4th at 9 pm. This will be a continuous closure through Sunday, July 30th. Eastbound traffic will be redirected to Pharr St. and westbound traffic will be redirected to 28th St. Construction teams will work as diligently as possible to expedite the area while reducing the overall impact to the motorists."

You may click on the map above to see an enlarged view.

May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day!

Oakhurst Neighborhood Association thanks our veterans for their service!

May 12, 2017

View the May 2017 Oak Leaflet Online!

Check out this month's issue of The Oak Leaflet online!  This month's newsletter highlights ONA's new slate of officers, including a note from new ONA President Elizabeth Neumann.
Also featured are Fred's patrol report and info on our upcoming Neighborhood Garage Sale.

As always, you may visit our Newsletter Archive to view or download past issues.

FW Street Safety Education Forum

A public service message forwarded by our neighbor Kathryn Omarkhail:

Hello Community Leaders,

Did you know that Fort Worth has one of the highest number of pedestrian fatalities in the NATION? Not good.

We wanted to make you aware of the collaborative effort between Blue Zones Project, Fort Worth Safe Communities and the City of Fort Worth to host a Street Safety Education Forum. The public forum is the first step in developing a street safety education campaign (think LookOutTexans.org). As we continue to work to create a healthier city, we also want to create a safe environment for ALL users of the streets not just the motorists. Please feel free to share this flier with interested entities. If you are interested in giving input on shaping the campaign we welcome you too! For more information or any questions, please contact Public Affairs Coordinator, Brenda E. Patton, at Brenda.Patton@healthways.com. To RSVP to the event please e-mail: info@fwscc.org.

May 8, 2017

Sign Up Now: 13th Annual ONA Collective Garage Sale!

Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching!  Are you ready to take care of your Spring cleaning?  Sign up now for the 13th annual Oakhurst Neighborhood Association Garage Sale!

The dates in question are Friday, May 26, through Sunday, May 28, 2017—Memorial Day weekend.  See more details below!

1. Registration forms are found here on this website, on page 7 of the April Oak Leaflet.  Mail in completed forms to the address listed on them or drop them off at 2212 Primrose (David Collyer), 1908 Marigold (Phyllis Anglin), or 2067 West Lotus Ave (Chanin Scanlon).  David and Phyllis also have pre-printed forms available for pickup, if you prefer.

2. The Oakhurst Neighborhood Association will secure the garage sale permit, place ads in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram advertising the garage sale, and provide maps and lists of all residents holding a garage sale each day.  Copies of these maps will be available to you as a garage sale participant to distribute to your customers.

3. More customers equal more sales for you!  Joint advertising of the sale means less work for you and more customers.

The application states the cut-off date, but it can't be stressed enough.  May 22 at midnight is the absolute cut-off for accepting applications!

Permits will be completed by the 23rd and packets will be delivered sometime during the day or early evening on Thursday the 25th—the day before the sale begins.  So don't panic...the committee will be there with your packets!

With your participation, we're looking forward to another great neighborhood garage sale!

April 13, 2017

April Oak Leaflet Now Online!

Check out this month's issue of The Oak Leaflet online!  This month's newsletter highlights the upcoming ONA spring general membership meeting, including the candidate forum for Fort Worth City Council District 9 and nominating committee report for ONA officer elections.
Also featured are recaps and photos from the recent Backyard Cookout and Porch Crawl, a reminder about this weekend's Easter Egg Hunt, and a form for the upcoming (13th Annual!) Neighborhood Garage Sale.

As always, you may visit our Newsletter Archive to view or download past issues.

April 3, 2017

4/15: ONA Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Mark your calendars...Easter is nearly upon us!  Click on the image below for details on how you can help support this fun-filled event:

April 1, 2017

Cowtown Cleanup Recap!

Oakhurst was not fooling around this April 1st ;)

ONA kicked off the 32nd annual City of Fort Worth Cowtown Great American Cleanup with a crew picking up trash along Oakhurst Scenic Drive and Watauga Road, after which we joined in with neighbors at Oakhurst Park for FOOP's "Spruce Up" event.

The City also held an Earth Party at the Fort Worth Water Gardens with food trucks, live music & vendors from all over Fort Worth. Suffice it to say, it was a great day for Mother Earth! Thank you to all of our Oakhurst residents for coming out to "Keep Fort Worth Beautiful".

Text and photos provided by ONA President Kathryn Omarkhail

In Pictures: ONA's 1st Annual "Oakhurst Shamrock Porch Crawl"!

The “place to be” on Saturday night, March 25, was the west end of Daisy Lane. The Oakhurst Shamrock Porch Crawl began at 6 pm, with neighbors lining up to join in on the fun. Rita Wilson and David Collyer checked everyone in and gave them a wristband entitling each person to beer, wine, lemonade, food, raffle tickets and fun for a $5 donation.

Food was donated by Tributary Café and Entrees On-Trays, while Martin House Brewing Company supplied beer and QCinema provided vodka. Table volunteers happily heaped plates with flautas, meatballs, cheese, cold cuts, bread pudding and cookies. Oakhurst resident artist Debra Warr painted the faces of kids and adults alike, and everyone took a turn kissing the "Blarney Stone" and having their picture taken in the "Irish Kissing Booth".

Gift cards were donated by Gypsy Scoops and Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, and Vogel Landscape Services provided a garden basket with live ladybugs (won by Muriel Hayden) and a deluxe 6-piece wine opening kit.

Adult friends had a chance to visit with old neighbors and meet new ones. Kids played catch and danced, while babies rested in strollers and crawled through the grass.
Both current City Councilwoman Ann Zadeh and her opponent, John Fitzgerald, joined us to participate in the events and discuss current issues.

Thanks to neighbors Linda Plemons and Ashleigh Martin for letting us set up tables in their front yards. Thanks also to Glenda Shelton, Kathryn Omarkhail, and Lex-Anne Vogel for planning this event. Finally, thanks to everyone who volunteered and helped make this one of our best events!

Event recap provided by Oakhurst neighbor Ann Kothmann; pictures provided by ONA President Kathryn Omarkhail

March 31, 2017

This Weekend: Cowtown Great American Cleanup and Spruce Up Oakhurst Park!

Oakhurst neighbors, you have two opportunities to participate in beautifying your neighborhood tomorrow!
Cowtown Great American Cleanup
Saturday, April 1, 8 am
Meet up at Oakhurst Park

Oakhurst Neighborhood Association (ONA) will be participating in the 32nd annual Cowtown Great American Cleanup. Meet up at 8 am tomorrow (Saturday) at Oakhurst Park for donuts, coffee, and juice. Then we'll clean up along Oakhurst Scenic Drive and Watauga Road. Afterwards, you are welcome to join fellow residents from across Fort Worth for the Earth Party at the Fort Worth Water Gardens.

Spruce Up Oakhurst Park
Saturday, April 1, 10 am
Oakhurst Park

Friends of Oakhurst Park (FOOP) will be hosting its 2nd spring cleanup event at Oakhurst Park. Refreshments will be provided. Bring your gardening tools or just come out and visit with your neighbors!

Click on the flyer image above for more details, including upcoming events and a plant sale!

March 13, 2017

Oakhurst: A Hidden Gem!

In its recently-published neighborhood guideFort Worth Magazine profiled twenty-five area neighborhoods, interviewing our very own Kathryn Omarkhail.

Image courtesy Fort Worth Magazine
The magazine called Oakhurst a "sure up-and-comer", categorizing it as a "hidden gem" most known for its "picturesque and leafy landscape".  The article also made mention of the neighborhood's community involvement and activities and quoted Kathryn, "It’s a tight-knit neighborhood.  We know our neighbors here."

Click here to read more!

March 7, 2017

3/11: "Good Bones"

From our neighbor Glenda:

Neighbors, make plans to attend Good Bones Art Show on Race Street inside The Post at River East. This is the old Riverside Post Office, now renovated into a great new event venue.

The evening's highlights will include:

  • Artluck members and friends with some of their latest work on display;
  • Ronnie Heart will make sure you cut that rug;
  • Good Food Co. and Gypsy Scoops will be staying open late just for us, while Funky Town Food Truck Texas will be onsite with tasty dishes for the vegan crowd;
  • Don't forget to swing by Born Late Records & Tattoos and The Soulful Gypsy Boutique.
$5 cover charge; no dress code.

Saturday, March 11, 7-11 pm
The Post at River East
2925 Race Street

March 6, 2017

Mark Your Calendar: Oakhurst "Shamrock" Porch Crawl!

Join us for a celebration welcoming Spring with an Irish flair, Saturday, March 25 at 6:00 pm, starting at the west end of Daisy Lane!

Come for a wee gander at the fun; we're sure you'll leave having a grand time.  Enjoy socializing, sipping and supping, as well as meeting your neighbors.  Stroll Daisy Lane, visiting three designated porches.  Each porch will have different drinks and tasty treats.

Don't miss out on the chance to kiss the Blarney Stone for luck, score a pot of Gold and (of course) have your picture made with a leprechaun.  There will be face painting and crafts for kids.

The crawl is being hosted by Oakhurst Neighborhood Association (ONA) and will be open to all neighbors!  Admission is a donation of $5 for ONA members and $7.50 for nonmembers; donations will help offset the cost of the event.  We ask that you RSVP to this event in advance on Nextdoor.  For more information or volunteering, contact Kathryn Omarkhail or Glenda (glendahartsell@att.net).

Saturday, March 25, 6:00 pm
Starting at 2021 Daisy Lane

Check Out the March Oak Leaflet...Now Online!

Check out this month's issue of The Oak Leaflet online!  This month's newsletter explores the pros and cons of painting exterior brick, with links to many resources.  Libby Willis introduces us to long-time Oakhurst neighbors Dee and Dick Carrera, while Fran Burns does the same for new neighbors Celestine and Josh Blok.  Fred updates us on the monthly patrol report, and Kathryn reminds us of the upcoming Cowtown Cleanup in her President's Column.
Don't forget:  ONA's next social will be returning to Mamma Mia's THIS WEEK (3/9)!

As always, you may visit our Newsletter Archive to view or download past issues.

February 20, 2017

Thursday, 3/2: NIMN Awareness Meeting

Oakhurst neighbor Sharon Buse asked us to share information about an upcoming event regarding child sex trafficking:


Sharon added, "Not In My Neighborhood women are Oakhurst, Carter-Riverside, and Haltom City women with the mission to educate our neighborhoods about Child Sex Trafficking in our community..."

This information shared as a public service announcement.  Please direct questions to the email address provided on the flyer above.  ONA is not affiliated with NIMN.

February 6, 2017

February Oak Leaflet Now Online!

Check out this month's issue of The Oak Leaflet online!  This month's newsletter introduces our February guest speaker, Jessica Latchaw—an Oakhurst resident and Blue Zones Neighborhood Specialist; she will be presenting an overview of the program.
Also featured is an article by Libby Willis on the Alexander family, who lived in Oakhurst in the '40s and '50s and had ties to President Lyndon B. Johnson.  In lieu of Yard of the Month, Fran provides an introduction to the Maxtin family, who are relatively new homeowners in Oakhurst (but have plenty of ties to the neighborhood).  Fred gives us his monthly patrol report, and Kathryn shares both her president's column and a selfie from January's ONA social at Mamma Mia's.  Remember that this month's meeting is coming up on Thursday, 2/9, and our next social will be returning to Mamma Mia's on 3/9!

Visit our Newsletter Archive to view or download past issues.

January 25, 2017

Catch up on your Oak Leaflets...Online Now!

We've recently posted the December 2016 and January 2017 issues of The Oak Leaflet online.  These online issues are made available in full color whenever possible, and you can access them from any device—phone, tablet, or web browser.

December's issue features a cover story about Oakhurst neighbors Mary Claire Hall and Molly Jamison helping a Sudanese refugee family reconnect here in the United States.  Alongside Fred's monthly Oakhurst Patrol Report, some timely holiday safety tips are shared.  An overview of Oakhurst Elementary is provided, in addition to an announcement of another home designated as a historic landmark in the neighborhood.
In the January edition, highlights of the City's neighborhood awards are provided.  The Oak Leaflet received the 2016 Newsletter Award, volunteers Phyllis and Fred Anglin were recognized as finalists for the Ben Ann Tomayko Award, and the Oakhurst Neighborhood Association was also a finalist for the Spirit of Fort Worth award.
You may also visit our Newsletter Archive to view or download many past issues of The Oak Leaflet. And as always, let us know if you have articles to contribute!

January 1, 2017

Happy New Year, Oakhurst!

Wishing all of our Oakhurst neighbors and their families an enjoyable start to 2017!